State Industries


At State Industries we have an experienced team of engineers and technicians dedicated solely in development of cast polyurethane parts.

Our CAD CAM software coupled with our in-house CNC division and rapid prototyping capabilities enables us to design, develop and produce variety of parts rapidly and cost effectively.

By discussing your needs and requirements with your team from the beginning of the design process, our staff with a vast wealth of knowledge and more than 40 years experience in elastomers, and latest molding techniques can provide you parts with dynamic performances and quality that is unmatchable when compared with most other plastic products.

With access to more than 200 types of elastomers, we can provide you with formulations than can withstand even your toughest applications.


Prototyping Video

By using soft-tooling, State Industries can provide customers cost effective and rapid delivery of sample and prototype parts. Our designers use the latest technology in virtual computer modeling, development of patterns by rapid prototyping or SLA, and producing silicon or epoxy molds to provide soft tools for prototype development. After testing and approval of Prototypes, they could be moved to production phase easily by increasing cavities or switching to more permanent metal and hard tooling.

Due to the low cost of our soft tooling technique, even parts intended for eventual injection molding process could be produced first by this method, tested, revised and modified numerous times and only after final approval, these parts could be moved to the injection molding phase.

This technique therefore eliminates the initial high cost and lengthy period of producing hard tools and enables designers to try a few different concepts inexpensively before they commit to more expensive processes.

State Industries guaranties the appearance, hardness and quality of these parts to be identical or better than parts than are produced by injection molding.